ECO-TSS Temperature Screening Solution

The confirmed cases of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia are still ongoing at a rapid pace (around 100 new cases per day) with currently a total of 4,228 victims and over 1.5 million victims worldwide. This is a deadly disease that is still currently no vaccine or treatment that is able to cure it. In order to respond to this maddening situation, Malaysia has currently undergoes Movement Control Order (MCO) that has successfully slowed down the rate of infection but the confirmed cases are still growing. There is a definitive way to identify the symptom of the disease which is to check whether you are having a fever. To prevent this disease from spreading and a better fever detection, EcoSensa Technologies has proposed a solution (ECO-TSS Temperature Screening Solution) that combines face recognition with infrared thermography that is capable of having a completely contactless temperature detection while it can also function as a face recognition access control and act as an attendance system for office as well. This contactless testing acts as a vital factor that could greatly reduce the probability of contact infections.

What is ECO-TSS Temperature Screening Solution?

ECO-TSS Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal is the latest solution proposed by EcoSensa Technologies to enable individuals to have a completely contactless method for body temperature measurement and facial recognition for employees` attendance purposes. It is a tablet size device with a built-in camera with facial recognition on top, it acquires thermal imaging which is able to recognize human movement even in the low light situations. It is based on the AI algorithm model to effectively capture human faces movement while in a close range in order to start the fever detection and access control process. To achieve the contactless temperature measurement solution, an infrared thermography feature has implemented into the device that can detect and capture a person`s forehead temperature at a very small period of time. It has an 8-inch touch screen display for displaying employee`s personal information, the temperature detected data, access control status and so on.

This device can be used on various locations such as an office, condominium, institution, construction sites or any sorts of buildings/area that acquires access control. With this method, it enforces individuals to frequently measures their body temperature whenever they enter or exit the scene to ensure that there are no abnormal phenomena on them.

Benefits of ECO-TSS Temperature Screening Solution

The advantages of implementing this solution are proper distancing where body temperature can be detected from the device within 50-2000cm range as suppose to the direct contact of temperature detection tools that could easily cause cross-infection, a completely automated temperature screening solution as suppose to manual inspection that requires manpower with lower consistency, mask-wearing detection to ensure that everyone is wearing a face mask whenever they entering or leaving the area, voice prompt to allows user to control the system without direct contact with the device, individuals information will be associates and bindings with the system, and lastly the detection accuracy rate is high with 90% accuracy with and without a face mask. As a summary of the benefits of these solution includes safety use (no direct contact), high efficiency on measurement, small size with high reliability, allows voice prompt and accurate body temperature measurement.

ECO-TSS Product Specification

ModelECO-TSS ( Temperature Screening System )
Option : Wall Mount, Desktop, Turnstile, Floor Stand Type
Temperature RangeHardware Capability                         : -20℃~+300℃
Operating Screening Temperature : 25℃~45℃
Thermal Scanning FeaturesMask-ON, Mask-OFF features, Fully Automated, Non-Contact, Thermal Imaging Scanning, Fever Detection, Superior Temperature Measurement Accuracy & Sensitivity < ±0.2°C
CPUCortex A17
Operating SystemAndroid 5.1 (Simplified Chinese or English)
Facial Recognition TemperatureSpecial Binocular 2MP Optical Camera + 2MP Infrared Camera (For Anti-Fake Spoofing Activities)
Screen8inch High Definition IPS (768 X1024 Touch Screen)
Weight2.5 kg (wall mount type)
6 kg (desktop type)
Expansion SlotSD Slot (Optional Extra Expansion)
Support10/100M LAN & WIFI ( Optional 4G )
Facial Recognition Features
Users Capacity32000 Personnel (Optional Upgrade to Support Up to 50000 Personnel) with Superior Recognition Speed of less than < 0.2sec
Recognition Mode1:N / 1:1
Facial Recognition Error Rate less than< 0.01%
Face Recognition Accuracy more than > 99.99%
AlgorithmIntelligent Artificial Deep Learning
Scan Zone0.5 ~ 2meter
IdentificationStorage Capacity Alert, White list, Blacklist, Detection Setting, Stranger Detection, Comparison Setting
FeaturesTime Attendance System (Optional Door Access Sys)
TimingInternal Automatic Network Real Time Clock
InterfaceRJ45 *1 / Wiegand *1 / Relay *1 / USB *1

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Live Actions of ECO-TSS System

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