Fault Current Limiter ( FCL ) and Current Limiting Reactor (CLR)

For renewable energy and Net Energy Metering (NEM) solar project in Malaysia, when the proposed system size exceeds 425kW and when the fault current FL (kA) level status of the substation has exceeded 90% of the 11kV switchgear rating , the contribution of the fault current from the proposed solar system shall be limited so that the impact on the existing TNB fault level is neutral. The client will be required to install system that can limit the fault current injection to the TNB Tenaga Malaysia grid.
Among the technologies that can limit the fault current include Fault Current Limiter (FCL) and Current Limiting Reactor (CLR). 

Fault Current Limiter FCL


Fault Current Limiter (FCL)

fault current limiter (FCL) limits the amount of current flowing through the system and allows for the continual, uninterrupted operation of the electrical system, similar to the way surge protectors limit damaging currents to house-hold devices. It limits the prospective fault current when a fault occurs without a complete disconnection.

Current Limiting Reactor (CLR)

The current limiting reactor is an inductive coil having a large inductive reactances in comparison to their resistance and is used for limiting short circuit currents during fault conditions. Current-voltage reactors also reduced the voltage disturbances on the rest of the system.

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