California RFID technology startup Iotera will begin marketing a new activeradio frequency identification tag that can transmit location- and sensor-based data at a distance of more than four times that of most active tags. The tag—part of Iotera’s Wireless Sensing and Tracking Platform—includes a GPS unit, a temperature sensor and anaccelerometer so that it can send its longitude and latitude, along with its temperature or movement status, to a reader located as far as four miles away.

The platform, which the company expects to make commercially available during the fourth quarter of this year, will be offered in two versions: a consumer-based model for tracking pets, individuals and personal items from people’s homes, and an enterprise-based solution for monitoring assets or personnel at worksites and storage yards. On the enterprise level, Iotera expects several pilot projects to launch sometime during the next few months. A railroad company will use the technology at a rail yard, a school district will use it to track students arriving on campus or traveling to and from school, and a ski resort is considering a test of the system’s ability to provide emergency support by identifying the location of a skier wearing the tag in a badge while on the slopes.

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